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I have been using Humbird Media's services for a few years now and became a huge fan of their work. I was referred to them for a new website design and it was beyond my expectations. Since then, I have hired them for numerous marketing projects such as social media maintenance, book covers, business cards, bookmarks, etc. and they have done an amazing job with my brand. From their outstanding attention to detail, superior customer service, I highly recommend using their services. You will not be disappointed!

Tesa Erven, Author

Kingston, Jamaica | info@humbirdmediaja.com |

(876) 357-7798 

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Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics is the use of photos, video clips, animated icons & text

to explain, inform or promote your message.

Most popular type of animation.

Character Animation

Add a lifelike effect to your videos with animated characters & scenes.

This animation style is used to create brand relatability and likability

as characters can come in various colours, shapes & styles.

Whiteboard Animation

Use a whiteboard or chalkboard animation style to explain any subject with ease.


This style is used by all industries mostly to educate or bring awareness.

Kinetic Text Animation

Kinetic Text Animation is the art of using text in motion to convey a message.

Because it usually matches the rhythm of music or voice, it's perfect for

music videos, speeches & videos with voiceovers.


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