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Frequently Asked Questions

How We Operate

So, what do you do exactly?

Simple Answer: We design attractive & engaging websites, social media accounts, animations & graphics for entrepreneurs, small & medium businesses. But truly, we help businesses take their online look and feel to a higher level in order to run a more profitable business, PLUS BRAWTA (Jamaican term for "extra niceness"). We go above & beyond the call of duty for every client and try to ensure that all their needs are met.

What are your opening hours?

We'd love to be available 24/7 to you but we know that wisdom means setting boundaries so that we can work at optimum levels every time. Except Saturday & Sunday, we are open every day from 10am to 5pm. But don't despair! Our website and social media platforms are accessible 24/7.

I hear you've gone digital?

Yup! In 2018 we adjusted our offerings to focus on more on digital branding to match the market. We'll still design business cards, flyers and banners for our wonderful clients, but printing is no longer an offering. This move is part of our strategic vision for Humbird. We think our focus can be much better spent producing more digital media such as websites, social media management, animations & graphic design.

What are your payment methods?

To accommodate our international clients, we quote in US currency. But not to worry, we also accept the Jamaican currency (US$1:JM$140). Our payment methods are flexible: PayPal, credit card, visa debit card, and bank transfer (Jamaican dollar).

How do you handle revisions?

All our designs come with the option of unlimited revisions and limited revisions (a set number of complimentary changes). Once complimentary changes are exhausted, all further changes are billed at our hourly rate. Revisions are provided in order to make your design perfect, and should not be used to create additional designs separate from the one paid for.

Where can I find your prices?

We believe in being up front about money matters. All our prices can be found on our website, on each service page. We're a phone call away if you have questions.

Do you have deals or discounts?

Most definitely! Head over to our Specials Page to see the Brand Power-Ups of the month.

Do you offer refunds?

While we don't often get refund requests, we have measures in place for them. Once funds have been paid to Humbird Media, we are open to delivering a full refund if work has not yet started on a project. However, once work has begun, funds already paid over are non-refundable. In the case where a 50% deposit is made and a refund is requested before the project's completion, the 50% deposit is non-refundable. However, the client will not be required to pay the remaining 50% as the project would not have been completed. Feel free to contact us for any queries regarding our Refund details above.

What are your working Policies?

Learn all about how we work here:

About the Team

Who are you, anyway?

You'd probably never believe that two hardworking humans are the backbone of Humbird Media. Cory Anderson, an Actuarial Science graduate from the University of the West Indies (UWI), and his wife, Shauna-Kay Anderson, also a graduate of the UWI in Media & Communication, started Humbird Media from very humble beginnings. All the design work is done in-house. Learn more about us on our About Page.

What are your core values?

We are very strict about our values & we hold both ourselves and our clients equally accountable. Our top core values are: 1) Communication - Clear, effective & timely. 2) Accountability - We must be able to trust each other and honour our word in business. 3) Respect - We believe in a safe space where both parties are treated in high regard.

Why did you start Humbird Media?

We've always wanted to have (lots and lots) of children with 'Mom' being able to work from home. Shauna, a lover of art from a young age, earned a B.A in Multimedia at the Caribbean School of Media & Communication at the UWI and graduated at the top of her class, so we decided that a web & graphic design company would be the best move to accomplish our lavish dreams. Now I've left my job so that we can run Humbird Media full-time & get ready for those kiddos to come.

How did your name happen?

Well, Shauna used to be a bird watcher when she was younger and she always admired the hummingbird. It's also Jamaica's National Bird. Funnily, our name started out as "Hummingbird Multimedia Solutions", but that was too long for a website URL, so we shortened it to "Humbird Media" and it stuck ever since.

Where are you located?

We are based Kingston, Jamaica - and we work from home most of the time. However, thanks to technology, we are able to work anywhere with an internet connection & serve clients all over the world.

How can I get in touch with you?

We respond to our website contact form urgently so you may shoot us a message there. All other contact details can be found on our Contact Page.

How do I get to other FAQ categories?

On the desktop version of our website, the FAQ categories are pretty straightforward but on the mobile it's not that obvious. We're here to help. The FAQ categories on your phone can be found above the first question in this section where you see "About the Team". Tap the dropdown and you will see the rest of the categories that can be selected. Hope this helps!

Website Design

Where can I find out more about your website packages & prices?

Our Website prices & package details can be found on our Websites Page. Click here for quick access.

Do you maintain websites?

We maintain websites for Wix websites only. We recommend that all our website design clients purchase one of our Website Maintenance Plans so as to effectively reap returns from their website. You can see our Website Maintenance Plans here .

What website platforms do you use?

We specialize in Wix websites. All websites are custom-built according to the client's desires and business goals. No two websites are the same.

SM Management

What social media platforms do you manage?

Facebook & Instagram are the two primary platforms on our social media maintenance plans. Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin & YouTube can be added to a plan as needed. You can learn more about our Social Media Maintenance Plans here.

What are your social media packages like?

All our social media packages & prices are available on our website. Click here for quick access.


What's your animation process?

After you've paid for your animation, here are our next steps together: 1. We schedule a complimentary video consultation with you 2. We develop a script & voiceover for you (or you can give us your own) 3. We develop a storyboard for you. 4. We develop the animation for you. Animation process complete!

What's the difference between an Animation for TV & Billboard and a Socal Media Animation?

Our Animation Packages refer specifically to animations for TV, billboards and another medium requiring extensive review. They include a storyboard, scripting and voiceovers. Visit our Animations page to see our Animation packages. For animations that need little review, with quicker turn-around times and are more cost-effective, you can opt for a Social Media Animation (US$55 for up to 15 seconds). Get bundled animation deals in our Social Media Graphics, Animations & Ads Only Packages. Visit our Social Media page to see our Social Media Animation Packages.

Graphic Design

Do you offer printing?

No. Since we officially went digital in 2018, we now only offer digital designs.

What are your graphic design services?

We design anything graphical for brands - from logos to t-shirts. If you would like to see our official lists of products and price lists, we invite you to check out our Graphic Design page.