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3 Important Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs


Hey guys! It’s Cory here from Humbird Media and we wanna thank you again for tuning in to today’s blog post!

So, we’re hoping that today’s post will help every entrepreneur out there, because today we’re gonna talk about “3 Important Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs”.

Let’s get into it!

So it was really difficult to pick just 3 traits of successful entrepreneurs. But we didn’t want this video to be too long, so we did our best.

Here we go.

#1: A Commitment to Personal Growth We put this as #1 because even if you have tons of money, if you haven’t grown as a person, it won’t be as enjoyable. Entrepreneurs who take their personal growth seriously are usually better at forming great partnerships with bigger companies.They are way more confident, and thus are better able to influence people. And as they grow personally, they begin to see more and more opportunities to grow in business.

#2: Access to the right stuff – people and products Successful entrepreneurs usually have these 2 things: 1.) Access to the right people or as some may call it, “links”.

2.) Access to a good product or service.

The “links” gets them into circles they’d normally take years to get into by themselves, and these circles help to grow their business. But they still need to have a good product or service. Something that people need. And successful entrepreneurs provide quality goods or services.

#3: A strong why / Passion This is arguably the most important trait of a successful entrepreneur.

Essentially, an entrepreneur solves problems. And a business is born to solve a problem. Your “why” is like the glue that brings your business and the problem together. Without a strong “why”, a strong reason for continuing your business, And without the passion and love for what you do as a business owner, You’ll inevitably be drawn to quit.

And note, no business ever fails. Business owners just quit.

So you’ll need a strong why or passion to keep you going when things get tough!

Ok guys. That’s it for “3 Important Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs”.

See you next time!

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Love you guys!

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