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I have been using Humbird Media's services for a few years now and became a huge fan of their work. I was referred to them for a new website design and it was beyond my expectations. Since then, I have hired them for numerous marketing projects such as social media maintenance, book covers, business cards, bookmarks, etc. and they have done an amazing job with my brand. From their outstanding attention to detail, superior customer service, I highly recommend using their services. You will not be disappointed!

Tesa Erven, Author

Kingston, Jamaica | info@humbirdmediaja.com |

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How a Website Helped our Business


Are you a super-flawless salesperson?

Do you market your business 24 hours of every day?

Are you reaching as many customers as you’d like to reach?

We sure weren’t.

Until we got our very own branded custom website for our business.

I’m Shauna from Humbird Media and our topic for today is, “How a website helped our business“

Here are 3 ways our website helped our business grow. Maybe it could help you too!

Let’s get into it.

Benefit 1: Our website sold us better than we could sell ourselves

You may know us now as super confident business owners, but when we just started Humbird Media, our minds were riddled with doubts.

Questions like,

Would we be successful or be another statistic of failed businesses? How would we get customers? Would they like our work? Would they choose us over our competitors?

We were fearful and uncertain as most new business owners are in the beginning. But we knew one thing, we did good work. And our best bet was to showcase them to a wide audience and hope for the best. When we created our website and launched it with an online launch party on Facebook, the feedback was astounding. We weren’t super-flawless salespeople but our website sure sold us that way. That made us confident & boosted our self Image. Our website made us look very professional and experienced. And because we didn’t like to disappoint, it pushed us to be all that our website showed us to be. We worked hard to maintain the image that everyone thought, and the result?

We got better very quickly!

Our work got better. Our service got better. Our personalities got better.

Get a website that’s so good that it draws out the best in you and in your business. Let it sell you as the expert and authority that you are and push you to be your best self.

Benefit 2: We were able to market our business 24 hours of every day

We had many clients to service from the flow of business coming through our website. As a result, most of our days were spent running our business.

Don’t forget, we had a life outside of that.

We still do, and that’s because our website never stopped working even when we did. Creating a website ensures that your business stays open all the time to potential and existing customers. Spend more time perfecting your craft while your marketing efforts thrive on autopilot with a timeless & comprehensive website.

Benefit 3: We were able to reach more potential clients

The saying goes: “One can reach a thousand, but two can reach ten thousand.” A website is an important addition to your business that expands your reach drastically. With our website, we were able to market our business to a global audience whenever they were awake, even if we weren’t.

Big up to our international clients!

We were able to do businesses with many local clients as well, some of which only chose us because they found us online.

Side note: did you know some persons only hire based on a credible and professional online presence? Professionals like to do business with professionals.

Back to how our website increased our reach:

We also used physical products like flyers and business cards which had our website address on them.

Through starting a conversation in person, we were able to seal the deal when our prospects visited our website, because it further confirmed that we were credible, proficient and full of personality.

These were only three ways that our website helped us. Maybe we’ll do another blog post in the future to share more.

But we hope our experience convinced you to get a website for your own business, or upgrade your existing website to match and even outdo your current business performance.

Contact us today to see how we can help you with your very own custom website.

We want to help you be all that you can be.

If you liked our blog post today, comment below and share with a business friend who would appreciate it.

I’m Shauna from Humbird Media. Thanks for watching.

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