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What Do You Have to Give to the World?


Hey guys! It’s Shauna here from Humbird Media and we wanna thank you again for tuning in to today’s blog post!

So, in today’s post we’ll be talking about “What Do I Have to Give to the World”.

So often we hear people say they can’t offer much or they’re not talented enough or smart enough. But that’s not true. And today we’ll show you 3 easy steps to identify what you can give to the world.

Are you ready? Let’s get into it!

Step 1: Identify what you like to do. That’s pretty simple right. What is it that brings you joy? What is that you’d do for free? That’s the thing you enjoy doing the most. For some it’s basketball or football, or singing and dancing, for others it’s spending time with family or just watching movies. Or maybe all of these or none of these.

A key step to identifying what you have to give to the world is identifying what you like to do.

Step 2: Identify what you’re good at.

What is it that you’re better than the average at? What is it that others keep telling you you’re good at and should pursue? That’s usually the thing that you’re really good at. It could be playing sports, it could be writing, it could be speaking, it could be singing or it could be all of these or none of these.

But after identifying what you like, you must then identify what you’re good at to find out what you can give to the world.

After that it’s your final step…

Step 3: Identify the cross-section between what you’re good at and what you like to do.

Say for instance you like playing basketball. Then you realize you’re good at playing basketball. There you go. You have the gift of basketball that you can offer to the world. Of course, you’d want to know can this make me money and support my family. Which is fair because that’s the only way you can keep giving your gift. But the first thing to do is identity what it is you can give.

Some may have more than one gift to offer and may have to choose which to focus on. At that point you can think about which is most profitable. And there are rare cases where nothing overlaps for some people. There’s nothing they like doing that they’re also good at. And in those cases, the solution would be to keep doing both until they overlap.

Keep doing what you like, because that brings fulfilment.

But also keep doing what you’re good at, because usually that pays the bills.

Do that until both come together and you can offer that fusion as a gift to the world.

Ok guys. That’s it for “What Do I Have to Give to the World”. See you next time!

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