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Why We Hate Jobs


Hey guys! It’s Shauna here from Humbird Media and we wanna thank you again for tuning in to today’s blog post! So, in today’s post we’ll be talking about “Why We Hate Jobs”.

Our aim in this post is not to get you to quit your jobs. Nor is it to make you think jobs have no merit. But it’s to highlight some of the negatives of jobs and to encourage you to become an entrepreneur.

Ok. So, let’s get into it!

#1: One of the reasons we hate jobs is because jobs defy legacy building.

What do we mean when we say legacy? A legacy speaks to what you leave for others and also in others. When you spend all your life building another person’s company, the owner of the company benefits most because while you work for the owner, you bring in more profits for him. And help him to have more time with his family and have more finances. And that’s ok because it’s what you signed up for but it’s not ok because you don’t have the same opportunity to live the life he’s living.

And after years of working what do you have to show for it? Paid bills… and sometimes they’re not paid. No real legacy is left for your generations to come. What if you could spend more time with your kids, more time building your marriage, more time developing an asset that could give you an ongoing income and something substantial to will to the generation to come after you pass on?

That would be great. But the sad truth is, jobs don’t offer that.

#2: A second reason we hate jobs is that you don’t get to choose your association

Motivational speaker Jim Rohn famously said that, “We are the average of the five people we spend the most time with.” And let’s face it, most of our awake hours are spent at work with our co-workers. And what happens when the co-workers at our jobs aren’t the healthiest of association.

Do we say, ‘I value my association and the boss better do something about the people that work here?’

Or do we say, ‘I’m gonna leave this place because I value my association and will not be negatively affected at this work place?’

Well, most do neither and stay in that job and slowly become a product of their environment.

We sometimes think it’s just children who should be careful of their association, but adults should be too.

#3: And the last reason, we’ll give today, why we hate jobs is because Jobs do not give financial freedom.

No matter how long you work at a job and no what how much you climb the corporate ladder, you can never be financially free in a job.

Financial freedom speaks to how you make your money and should not be confused with financial stability which speaks to how much money you make. You see, there’s no financial freedom unless there’s time freedom. Meaning, you no longer do you trade time for money. And in so doing you’ll have time to spend your money. Once you’re in a job there’ll be no chance at financial freedom. Because even if you start to make more money, how you make it is by trading your time, so you’ll always have to get up out of bed to trade time.

The financially free, get paid even while they sleep and in so doing have more money and more time to enjoy it.. A phenomenon forever foreign to employees.

Ok guys. That’s it for “Why We Hate Jobs”. See you next time!

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Love you guys!

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