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Red Pill or Blue Pill?


Hey guys! It’s Cory here from Humbird Media and we wanna thank you for tuning in to today’s blog post! If this is your first blog post tuning in with us we wanna give you a big welcome and to all our regulars, as always, thanks for your continued support.

Alright. So, in today’s post we’ll be talking about a really famous scene from the 1999 hit movie, “The Matrix”, and we’ll identify 3 important lessons that will help you in business and in life.

Ok. So, let’s get into it!

Here are 3 important lessons from “The Matrix”:

#1: We’ve gotta have a free mind Our first lesson comes when Neo is told “The truth” that he’s a slave, born into a prison for his mind.

Here’s the thing. As entrepreneurs, and people in general, our mind is what allows us to achieve what we do... From telling yourself it’s time to wake up, to taking risks and starting your own business, to thinking about your life and where it’s heading, your mind determines who you’ll become.

What you’ll achieve will first be conceived in the mind. The sad part is we often allow our minds to be imprisoned by lies, and doubts and disbeliefs and until our minds become free, we won’t be all we can be.

#2: Get your own experience

“Noone can be told what the matrix is, you have to see it for yourself.” Oftentimes, we are too content with just taking the experiences of others as gospel and never going out to find out for ourselves. Sure, it’s good to learn from others’ mistakes so you don’t have to make them, but we’ve got to realize that because I’m different from you. We might have different experiences when put in similar circumstances.

Don’t let anyone tell you, you can’t do something, because they didn’t do it. Go and get your own experiences because there are some things that can never be taught, only experienced.

#3: There will always be choices

The choice… red pill or blue pill. Neo has a choice to make. Find out more about the Matrix or go back to his old life. We’ll have lots of choices to make in life... Get married, don’t get married, Start a business, stay in a job - whatever the case may be, there will be choices to make.

And the choices get easier when you’re choosing between bad and good but when you’re choosing between good and better, that’s when choices become more difficult.

Neo’s old life wasn’t that interesting so choosing to go into the Matrix was hard, but not that hard. What happens when we’re choosing between good and better. Our jobs are good, but starting a business may be better. Singleness is good but marriage may be better. Waking up at 6am is good but 5am may be better. Those are the tougher choices and until we realize that ‘good’ just ain’t that good, we’ll never choose better.

Red pill or blue pill.

Ok guys. That’s it for “Red Pill or Blue Pill”. See you next time!

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Love you guys!

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