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Website vs Social Media


Hey guys! It’s Cory here from Humbird Media and we wanna thank you for tuning in to today’s blog post! If this is your first blog post tuning in with us we wanna give you a big welcome and to all our regulars, as always, thanks for your continued support.

Alright. So, today we’ll be looking at the topic, “Website vs. Social Media”.

Ever-so-often, you meet a person that might say “I don’t need a website. My social media presence will do just fine.” And while social media sites like, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and so on can be good for business, here are 3 reasons why you are going to need a website:

#1 – You don’t own social media In business, ownership is key to success. And because do not own the social media platforms you use you’re actually at the mercy of those who own it.Whatever changes they decide to make will impact your business.

For example, Facebook recently changed their algorithm that now makes it more difficult for people to see your business posts. If you were counting solely on Facebook to grow your business, You would now be negatively impacted.

Don’t forget platforms like MySpace and hi5 that are no longer around. If you were relying on platforms like those, that you don’t own, you’d have been negatively impacted when they closed.

With a website, you own it. Which means you have more control over the direction of your business.

#2 – Websites are far more customizable Social Media platforms like Facebook or Instagram pretty much limit you in terms of customization. Sure you can change your profile pic, and cover photos, but when it comes to the full layout, adding pictures and music wherever you want, collecting email addresses to further connect with your clients, highlighting a particular product or special or giving clients a virtual tour of your store, you really only have freedom to customize these features through a website.

On Social Media you basically have to work with what’s there.

And #3 – A website boosts credibility In the digital space, credibility matters. No one really knows for sure the kind of person they’re doing business with in the online space. And for that reason, you’ll want to assure you customers that you are trustworthy and nothing helps with that more than a website.

Pretty much anyone can start a social media page but a website is usually something only serious business owners invest in. It shows that you understand the importance of conveying the message that you are credible. And with a good website, you can send the message that you’re here for the long haul, that you want persons to know more about your business and that you understand the importance of taking ownership of your business.

And those are the things clients like to hear when they interact with a business in the digital space.

But hey, don’t get us wrong Social Media is a great tool for business but it really should be used as a marketing platform to drive traffic to the true hub of your online presence, your website.

Ok guys. That’s it for “Website vs Social Media”. See you next time!

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