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Personal Growth Aids Business Success


Hey guys! It’s Shauna here from Humbird Media and we wanna thank you again for tuning in to today’s blog post!

So, in today’s post we’ll be talking about “Why Personal Growth is Crucial to Business Success”.

Those of you who’ve been in business for some time now would have probably realized that your business moves with you, especially when it’s a small business. You are the lid of your organization. So, it stands to reason, if you want your business to grow, you’re gonna have to grow.

Here are 3 reasons why personal growth is crucial to business success.

#1: Personal Growth builds confidence Doing things like reading, meditating, exercising and other activities to build your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual self help you to become more self-aware and help you to question yourself less. This is you becoming more confident. And this confidence allows existing and prospective customers to feel you are the right person for the job.

And that’s crucial to growing your business.

#2: Personal growth is crucial to business success because it helps with your people skills If there’s one thing you should know about business it’s that all business boils down to your ability to interact with people and interact with them well. The confidence that is built through personal growth flows over into your conversations with people.

Having grown personally, you can focus less on you when talking to someone and more on them. This shift of focus allows your potential clients to feel appreciated. And that’s all they long for - a business that will appreciate them. And they will gladly support any business that does that.

#3: And finally, personal growth builds your EQ - Emotional Quotient also known as Emotional Intelligence. Having a high EQ means you have a good grasp of understanding your emotions and the emotions of those around. When you’re less bothered by every little thing that doesn’t go right you are better able to assess situations and find solutions and better able to give your clients great service.

I know so many of us have so many bad days and our business tends to suffer for it. With a higher EQ your business will be much more stable and successful. Ok guys. That’s it for “Why Personal Growth is Crucial to Business Success”. See you next time!

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