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4 Reasons to Start Christmas Branding Early

Are you sleeping on your Christmas Branding?

It's the start of November and the biggest brands are kicking into Christmas gear with their online branding & holiday offers.

Why so early? Because they know that once December 25 hits, none of it will matter again.

So what about you? Are you kicking your Christmas branding into gear?

4 Reasons To Start Christmas Branding Early

1. Get Ahead of the Competition

When your ideal customers think of your product or service this Christmas, you want them to think of your business over your competitors.

By branding for Christmas before your competitors (and making that branding memorable), you get your potential customers to start planning to do business with you first.

So by the time your competitors come on the scene, your ideal customers would have already decided to go with you.

2. Get Ahead of the Saturation

Not only are you competing with direct businesses during the Christmas season, but you're competing for attention from businesses from every industry.

Red, white & green branding will be flooding your social media feeds in a matter of weeks, and it will be so easy for your amazing Christmas branding to get lost.

See what we mean?

Getting a head start with creative graphics and animations on your social media pages and websites will help your business to stand out, before the wave of Christmas marketing drowns out your message.

3. Increased Relatability Leads to Increased Sales

Christmas is a time of joy and excitement.

When you match the happy emotions of your potential customers, they are more likely to want to spend with you because you are more relatable.

By getting into the Christmas mood early, you may also be responsible for getting your potential customers into the Christmas mood, making you more memorable throughout the season and increasing your chances of sales.

Increase your relatability online this Christmas with fun animations & graphics on your social media pages & website, and if you can, an irresistible holiday deal to match!

4. Your Potential Customers are in the Spending Mood

Your customers INTEND to SPEND!

Christmas is a time when bonuses are given, piggy banks are broken and gifts are exchanged, AKA, people intend to spend money.

Starting your Christmas branding early helps potential clients to put aside funds for your business before other businesses start vying for those same funds.

To sweeten the deal, offering special deals before the holiday season rush will help to secure those funds before they get distracted by all the other shiny objects online.

To sum it up, early Christmas branding helps you:

  1. Beat the Competition

  2. Beat the Saturation

  3. Increase Relatability leading to More Sales

  4. Take Advantage of the Spending Mood

Some of our clients have already begun to brand early this Christmas.

Join them with exciting flyers, social media graphics, animations & website

re-designs from the Humbird Media Team.

So... are you still sleeping on your Christmas branding?

Contact us today!