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    Meet our Digital Media Designer Nardia Reid Hi there! My name is Nardia Reid, and I am a Digital Media Designer here at Humbird Media. In this capacity, my current role is helping our social media clients WIN through eye-catching, targeted and informative social media content, which includes graphic designs and animations. I've been a part of this team since January 2022, and what an enriching experience it has been on both a personal and professional level! I occupied the role of Administrative Officer for a brief period before transitioning to my current position, under the tutelage of my bosses and mentors, Cory and Shauna-Kay Anderson, who believed that the Digital Media Designer role would be a better fit for me as someone more creative. If you were to become a client, you would soon find that the culture surrounding what we do here is just the same. We're always seeking out what strategy/service is the best fit for our clients, and helping you WIN accordingly. Since working here, I've been exposed to a culture and a team unlike any of my previous professional encounters - one that encourages growth in all aspects of my life, professionally and personally. My bosses have invested and continue to invest hours of training and discussions to ensure that we are all at our best to give you just that. They've ensured that even as a UWI graduate with a degree in International Relations and Social Anthropology, I couple that education with my current skill to mould an even more all-rounded designer, capable of analyzing our clientele and their goals, from content conception to content creation. I am confident that my team, Humbird Media, is the best financial investment you could make for your business. Not only are we true professionals but also real people who know what it means to sacrifice for your business until you can reap the rewards. And well, isn't it time for you to claim some wins? We look forward to helping you win. ​ ​ ~ Nardia ​ ​

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