Who are we

Hummingbird - Humbird Media

Who is

Humbird Media?

Professional Answer: Humbird Media is a Jamaican Digital Media Agency that helps entrepreneurs, small and medium businesses globally win online through the use of websites, social media management, animations & graphic design.


Deeply Heartfelt Answer: We're an intimate duo of designers/business owners that throw our heart and soul into helping our clients build attractive yet strategic brands online. 


Named after Jamaica's National Bird - the hummingbird - for our speedy delivery, creativity and impressive work ethic for our small size, we're sometimes called Hummingbird Media by mistake. No worries though! We're honoured to be associated with such a fine specimen that happens to represent our brand so perfectly.

But you're probably wondering who's talking to you right now. Meet the humans behind the brand...


The Team

We're Cory & Shauna-Kay Anderson, the founders behind Humbird Media. Click the button below to learn more about us & how we started.


How Our Unique Features

Help You Win!

We're a Husband & Wife Team

How does that help you win?


We treat our clients with a high level of intimacy, like a marriage of sorts. In order to represent your business accurately, we make it our duty to know it intimately. That allows us to build long-term, close-knit relationships with our clients.

We're Business Owners

How does that help you win?


We think & design like business owners - we consider not just how a design looks, but how it accomplishes your business goals. We think about what is most appealing to your ideal customer , and design accordingly.

We're Qualified

How does that help you win?


With University degrees in Media & Communication and Actuarial Science, online trainings & certifications, we bring a rich combination of skill, brains and business savvy to the table.

We're Global

How does that help you win?


Being based in Kingston, Jamaica gives us a good grasp of the Caribbean context. But as most of our inspiration & training comes from the online world, our designs tend to appeal to an international market.

We're Nerds

How does that help you win?


We're big on learning & researching the best ways to improve the art of business for ourselves & our clients. That means we're constantly upgrading our offerings to give you the most value for your money.

We've been burnt before

How does that help you win?


We've been on the losing side of poor customer service & unfulfilled promises from businesses & it is one of our biggest pet peeves. That's why excellent customer service is not just "nice to have". It's the very heart of our business.

We've Got a Dream Clientele

How does that help you win?


Doing what we love is grounded on finding the right client partners, so we've become dedicated to finding the ideal clients to work with - those who are excited to take their brand to the next level and are willing to invest in their business. They're respectful, open to creativity & most importantly, they honour their word. This means we turn down a lot of potential work - we say no to the wrong fit so that we can say yes to the right fit.

If you've got those winning qualities then you're a good fit for Humbird Media. Know that you're getting personalized service and our undivided attention to skyrocket your brand.

Are you a winner at heart?


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